How to report a crash in your own house

The story of how a family got caught in the rubble of a car crash in a remote corner of Alberta, Canada, was heartbreaking.

A small family of five had been out on their boat with a friend in October 2016 when the car that was towing their trailer crashed into their home.

The family survived and are now recovering.

But the family’s life was in danger and they feared the worst.

In a Facebook post, the family describes how they were rescued from the wreckage and reunited with their loved ones.

“My mom and dad and my brother were sitting in a chair watching the news, when they saw a news report about the accident and how this family was going to get killed in the car crash,” reads the post.

“My dad was in disbelief, his face was red, he looked terrified, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

We were in shock, we couldn’t speak or breathe.

We started crying and screaming, we just wanted to get out of there.

We tried to go to the hospital but we couldn`t.

I remember asking my mom and brother, ‘Mom, how can you get out there?

You have a life and you don`t want to die like this.’

We went to the house and saw the family, the husband and wife, my brother and sister, my mom, dad, and mom`s sister, the son and his dad, who were both holding their children and all of them were crying.

The son started crying, the daughter was crying, I was crying too.

I was still in shock.

I thought, what happened to my family?

It was so sad, we lost them all.”

The family says the man who pulled the trailer over was a police officer and that he had a valid licence plate and had just arrived in the province.

But the family says there was a big difference between his license plate and the one on the car.

The RCMP said in a statement that they could not comment on the case and that they would not be making any additional comments until they received more information from the family.

According to the RCMP, the car was pulled over by a Calgary officer and was not the one that was damaged.

While the family was unable to get a full picture of what happened, they say that when they drove to the accident site to see the damage, they noticed a pile of debris in the back of the car and that one of the front windows had a blackened hole.

When the family asked what happened and what they should do, they were told to get in their car and leave.

The RCMP wrote that while they were not allowed to take pictures or video, the officer was in the front seat and had a firearm on him.

After they left, they contacted the Calgary Police Department, who said they would contact the family to make sure they were OK and that a vehicle would be called to retrieve them.

A few days later, the RCMP said that the family had called them to arrange for the driver of the trailer to be contacted and that there was nothing the RCMP could do.

This is the second time that the RCMP has been called to investigate a crash involving a car.

In August, the agency released a video that showed a vehicle driven by a man who had allegedly sped past a warning sign.

Criminals were driving around Alberta at a breakneck pace in the wake of the election.

Investigators say the speed of the speeding was out of control.

Police said they did not have enough evidence to make an arrest in this case, and that it was too early to make a decision.

As the story went viral, the Calgary police said they received numerous calls from people wanting help finding their loved one.

Alberta’s government said it was working with police to investigate the case.

There was no word from police on Thursday whether anyone has been charged with the death of the family members.