Why is the office crack in Dublin so serious?

A crack in the Dublin office of the Irish Office of Information Security (IOIS) is causing concern among security professionals.

It is a breach of the Dublin Security Certificate (DSC) as it was signed by the Irish Government and the Security Services Agency (ISA) but the Dublin Office has not received a certificate since January this year.

The DSC is the only form of certificate issued to the Irish Police Service (IPF) that allows the police and security services to access sensitive data, including CCTV, phones, emails, social media accounts, financial information, credit cards, bank account details, health records, medical records and passports.

The Dublin office has no reason to fear for its data, said a spokesperson for the Irish Embassy in London.

“As a matter of policy the Irish government’s security team ensures that data is not accessed without appropriate authorization from a senior officer within the department or agency,” the spokesperson said.

But the Irish embassy has not had an issue accessing data for the last four months and no issues with accessing data since February, said the spokesperson.

“The issue is that we are unable to verify that the Dublin police have the necessary security certificates to access the data.

We are looking into the issue,” he said.

An Oireachtas inquiry will be held into the security breach and it is expected the DSC will be withdrawn from circulation.

“In view of the significant amount of data being accessed, the Irish authorities have decided that the DSS, with its certification, should no longer be issued by the Government of Ireland,” the Irish Consulate General in London said in a statement.

“This is an extremely serious situation and we have no reason at this time to believe that this data breach is a random incident,” the statement added.

The Irish Ministry of Justice and Public Expenditure Services confirmed in a spokesperson to CBS News that the Department of Justice is reviewing the matter and that it is working with the Dublin City Council to identify a new provider for the DSCP.

The Department of the Environment and Natural Resources confirmed it was reviewing the issue.”DHS has received reports that the Irish Department of Environment and Water is considering issuing the DCS,” a spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

“We are looking at the matter.”

A spokesperson for Oireach’s Office said it has asked the Government for an explanation.

“There is no reason for us to have any concerns about the Dublin DSCP being revoked,” the department said.