Astroneer, The Crack In The Crack

Astroneers new crack house, the Crack In the Crack, is out on their website and in stores.

It has been described as “a beautiful, powerful, experimental house music experience.”

This is the first crack house album from Astronees, and it has been well received by listeners.

The album will be released on February 25.

A couple of years ago, Astroneere also released an EP titled Crack InTheCrack, which is still being released.

The release was a bit less well received than Crack In, but it has received rave reviews from listeners.

Listen to an exclusive mix of Crack In and Crack In in the Crack, featuring DJ Snake, on SoundCloud.

Check out the tracklist below:1.

Crack IntheCrack2.


The Crackin4.

The Cracks5.

Crack in the Cracks (Acoustic Mix)6.

The Pizzaman7.

The Strain8.

Crack the Crack9.

Crack It10.

The Looch11.

Crack Out12.

The Fuzz13.

Crack Up14.

The Clap15.

Crack The Crackers (Acoustics Mix)16.

CrackThe Crack in The Cracked album will also be available as a digital download for $3.99.

Listeners can also buy it through their website, where it is priced at $9.99, or directly from Astronews store.