Bizarre scene: ‘Black Widow’ actor ‘gets into the neck of a white woman’

A Black Widow actor was filmed appearing to “get into the head of a Caucasian woman” during an audition in the 1980s, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The film “Black Widow” starred Jane Fonda and played in theaters until 1989.

The actress who played the title character in the movie, played by Sandra Bullock, was a former model who was killed by a white man after a dispute with her then-husband.

The film was shot in Scotland, and there were no witnesses to the incident, according to The Hollywood Register.

“We’re very fortunate that there’s footage of it, but unfortunately it was very disturbing,” the actress told the paper.

“I never thought it would ever be made,” she added.

The footage was reportedly filmed in the studio in a room with a white screen and a black-and-white camera, according the Register.

“It was a very, very dark room with lots of dark corners and lots of light,” Bullock told the publication.

The incident allegedly occurred during an episode of “Black-ish” that was filmed in London in 1980.

The show featured a series of interviews with actors about their roles in the films, and the actress who portrayed the title role was asked about the incident.

“The Black Widow” was filmed with a different director.

In the clip, the actress, who did not wish to be named, says, “It wasn’t really a big thing, I was just a regular, everyday person.”

She adds that she had no idea the incident was recorded.

Bullock said she was “disgusted” when she learned the news.

The actress said she has since learned that the actress in question is not a real person.

“I was horrified, horrified,” she told The Hollywood Report.

“You know, there’s something wrong with you.”

The incident was reportedly recorded in 1979, and it has not been confirmed if it is authentic.

“We’re so lucky we didn’t have a whole lot of material out there that would’ve been that bad,” Bullocks said.

Bullock, who has appeared in “The Last Temptation of Christ,” “The Usual Suspects” and “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” told The Register that she hopes the footage is released.

“They [the producers] have a right to get it,” she said.

“As actors, we should be treated fairly.

It’s not our fault we didn [do] anything wrong.”

Bullock told The Washington Post that she thinks she is one of the lucky ones.

“Maybe one day I’ll have a child and they’ll know what happened to me,” she stated.