Crack indir to enter national league of players in crack addiction competition

INDIR, Nigeria – Crack indi is one of the hottest athletes in Africa.

A Nigerian team of athletes are competing in the world’s largest crack addiction contest and will have to face off against athletes in other African nations in order to reach the top of the competition.

Indir is a 24-year-old Nigerian athlete who has been competing in basketball since he was 14 years old and is now competing for the national team.

He has been doing so for the past three years.

He is one part of a national team of 18 players, including 10 who are African-born and five who are of mixed race.

The national team also has two of its own, a 20-year old from Nigeria and a 23-year boy from the Gambia.

The national team has also been sponsored by the Nigerian government and has also come under scrutiny in recent months for allegedly using an illegal drug.

The team also faced criticism for failing to pay its athletes for their training.

Indi, who is also a student at the National Institute of Sports Education in the capital, Abuja, is one such athlete.

He said the government had been sending him money and he received his daily allowance on time.

He said he was a hard worker but now he feels he needs more support from the government.

He wants to become a doctor and he hopes to study medicine to help people who suffer from addiction.

I have worked hard, but now I feel I have no other option, he said.

He has been sponsored since he first began competing at the age of 14.

He plays for the Nigerian team on the national basketball team, but he wants to be more active.

I want to play basketball more.

He will need a lot of support.

The sports minister, Aminu Nwankwo, said he has instructed the national police chief to investigate whether the players have been using drugs to get ahead.