Nfsc cracking indir of SBS network crackers

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission on Thursday fined South Korean network Naver a total of 1.35 billion won ($1.1 million) for breaking the privacy of 1 million subscribers and breaking the law by transmitting information about their location, contacts, phone numbers and more without their knowledge.

The Naver data breach was discovered in December, the broadcaster said in a statement.

It said it would pay out the compensation through an unspecified settlement.

“We have always cooperated with law enforcement authorities to investigate and punish offenders,” the broadcaster added.

“We regret that the Naver team has breached the privacy and security of our users.”

The Netero investigation into the breach came after the broadcaster reported in January that it had detected a similar intrusion into a second-generation smart home system that had 1 million users.

The data breach, which Naver said was unrelated to the original one, also led to the discovery of a second breach.

The network, which has about 400 million subscribers, said it was cooperating with the Neteron probe and was cooperating closely with the South Korean investigation.