The top 5 most banned crack indirs in Canada

The list of the most banned websites in Canada is growing.

In the past year, the list has grown by three and the top five is now as follows: kaspersky antivirus ,Camtasia, Kaspersky Lab, and Camtastic.

Kremlin-backed Kaspersky cracked its list with a total of 1,087 websites in December 2018, the latest available data, and that number is expected to rise in the coming months.

CamTasia has since seen the number of sites it was banned grow by one.

Kasperski Lab and Kompromat are now in second and third place, respectively, with 1,014 and 958 sites, respectively.

The number of pages that were banned is expected continue to rise as the new year approaches, as new anti-virus programs are launched.

The Russian government has recently imposed sanctions on several technology companies, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon, in an effort to rein in the spread of malware.

In response to the new Russian government measures, a number of US companies, such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, and Dell, have moved to expand their online presence and use technologies to fight malware.

The new sanctions also make it difficult for Russian citizens to access their personal data.

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