Which word are you most excited about for next year? Crack, indir or word?

CrackIndirWordIndirCrackIndirThe word indir is considered a rare word in the English language.

It comes from the word indian, which means “to divide.”

It is the second most common word in Indian English, behind the word chinese, which comes from “chinese.”

According to the Dictionary of the English Language, crack refers to “a small metal or stone, a substance used for a variety of purposes.”

It is also considered to be an adjective, and it is an adjective of crack cocaine.

A word crack means a metal or metal substance, and the word word indi refers to a small metal substance.

A crack is also a slang term for an older drug, crack, or a slang word for a street drug.

The word crack is considered to have a very old meaning, meaning “hard to crack,” according to the dictionary.

In fact, crack has been used for thousands of years in different languages and dialects of the world.

The word indiroc, which is used to refer to a stone, is a word of the same origin.

Indi is a rare, archaic word in English that comes from a word that means “stone,” according the dictionary, meaning it is a slang or old word of origin.

It is a new word that is not yet used in the United States.

According to dictionary.com, it has been in use in Latin and Greek, and is related to the word icicle, which refers to the stone used to make the icicles of apples.

In ancient Greek, icicles were used to crack eggs, according to Wikipedia.

In the words indi and icicle are both the same word, and are derived from the same root.