How to beat JT Barrett’s crack of the whip

JT BARRETT’S crack of whip is back in action, and it’s the kind of action that makes him so damn fun to watch.

Barrett’s latest bout against UFC bantamweight champion Renan Barao has been a great success for the UFC.

Barao lost his UFC 205 title to Urijah Faber at UFC 205 in November, but his performance was a bit of a disappointment, as he was knocked out in the third round.

Despite that setback, Barrett has been showing up in impressive fashion, and now he’s got his sights set on his UFC debut, against the Brazilian legend.

The former Bellator fighter, who was knocked down by Faber during the main event, said on Thursday’s edition of The MMA Hour that he is “ready” for a rematch with Barrett, saying that he’s “never been one for a fighter who doesn’t want to fight.”

“If he wants to fight, I’m going to fight him,” Barrett said.

“I’m going after him.

That’s how I’ve always fought, and I know he’s not going to let me get to him and knock him out.

Thats not how he fights.

So I’m ready.

He has a lot of skill.

I don’t think he’s ever been one to have a good submission or anything like that.

So thats why I’m here, and thats what I’ll be out there to fight.

I’m ready, and hopefully that’s the day.

I have a lot to prove.

I know I’m the best, so I’m definitely ready to show him what I can do.

It’s just one more test, and when I get to fight in front of my fans, it’ll be different than when I fight at home.

But I think it’s just going to be an opportunity to prove my skills, and prove that I can get the job done, and he has to respect that.”

I have to fight for the belt, and the title, and for my fans.

I think I’ve shown that, and we’ll see how it goes.

But that’s why I signed with the UFC, so we can have a fight when we have a chance.

I’ve got to get that chance.