How to track down the new Ferrari F40 – with some new research

A new Ferrari 458 Italia will go on sale in Australia next month.

The car will be available in both sport and rally cars, but the new model will have a more powerful version for the rally version, according to Ferrari.

Ferrari has launched a new site on its website to show you the new 458 Italo, with more details to come in the future.

The 458 Italian will be sold as a sport car, and is powered by a 2.0-litre V12 and a 565bhp turbocharged V6 engine.

The site explains that this version will go for around $120,000.

It will also come with a range of upgrades, including a heated front fascia, wider grille, new rear spoiler, new wheels, a new roof rack, and a new rear window.

Ferraris new 458 version has a 566bhp V12 engine and a 570bhp supercharged V8 engine, along with new wheels.

The 458Italian sports a new front fascias with a more aggressive profile, while a new wing and bumper add to the appearance.

The front fascía and front bumper have been upgraded.

The rear fascia will be replaced by a more conventional one, which will come with an 18in wheel arbor.

It will be powered by the same supercharged engine, but with a smaller power output.

The Ferrari 458Italia is sold with a host of other modifications, including an upgraded roof rack and a brand new rear end.

As well as being the Ferrari 458, the car is also available in other Ferrari variants, including the 458 GTS and 458 GTC.

The new 458 will go onto the road in Australia in March.

Here’s a look at what’s new in the 458 Italian.

This is a brand-new Ferrari 458 italian.

It’s a supercharged version of the 458Italo, but we can only speculate as to what the actual performance is.

“The new Ferrari Italia sports a completely new design, and features a more muscular body shape, a more advanced and refined appearance and a bold new look,” says Ferrari.

“It features a new aluminium-bodied body, and its carbon fibre bodywork is the most sophisticated in the sportscar category.”

The new model’s exterior will feature an all-new, rear fascias, with an overall more aggressive appearance. 

The car also gets a brand spanking new bumper and a more pronounced rear bumper, both of which will make the car stand out more in a crowd.

Inside, the new version of Ferrari’s sports car is powered, along in a similar way to the 458 italia, by a supercharging 565 bhp V8, along for the ride.

According to Ferrari, the engine is powered via a twin-turbocharger arrangement.

Both engines produce the same amount of power, which is enough to deliver around 4,000bhp. 

According to the site, the 458 model is available in Sport and Rally, with the new Sport variant going for around the same price as the 458.

 The new models will go up for sale in Melbourne from March.