Which office is the most dangerous for crack?

The crack epidemic is spreading across the country and some offices are the worst, with crack-related injuries topping 10,000 a year, according to figures released on Monday.

The figures show that at least 1,700 offices are currently at risk of a crack-induced injury.

In the latest government statistics, a third of all workers in the construction industry had been affected by crack-injuries in the past year.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) also reported a surge in workplace deaths last year, with more than 8,300 deaths in 2016.

Health and safety officials said they were concerned about the rise in the number of office-related incidents.

The ONS said more than 1,600 workplace deaths were caused by workplace accidents in 2017.

More: “Workplace fatalities rose by a quarter in the year to June, while the number from accidents was up by 14 per cent,” the ONS data showed.

“The number of workplace accidents was nearly double the previous year, but remains below the number that we recorded in 2007.”

The latest figures come after the government said it was considering banning the use of certain types of glass and plastic for construction work in the UK.

It is also expected that the Government will introduce a new, £5m programme to help crack-affected workers find jobs.

“We are continuing to monitor the health of workers, particularly those who are exposed to the health risks associated with the crack epidemic, and the public can be reassured that our current plan to address the crisis will help to prevent further deaths,” said Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

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