Camtasia is being accused of being a crack cocaine addict, court hears

Camtia Bynes is facing three counts of possession with intent to supply crack cocaine after police allege she tried to sell a quantity of crack to an undercover officer at a Sydney car park.

Police allege Ms Bynes, 22, was arrested by officers in October last year at a car park in North Sydney.

They allege she sold crack cocaine to an officer, who was posing as a drug dealer, who in turn was selling crack to Ms Brys.

“This woman has sold crack to a person who in the past has posed as a dealer, so that person then turned out to be a crack dealer,” Detective Inspector Tim Molloy said.

In court yesterday, Detective Inspector Molloyer said officers found a small amount of crack at the car park and arrested Ms Bynys on November 10.

Detective Inspector Molly said the alleged sale was discovered after the undercover officer approached her at the parking lot.

She told police she had been taking crack cocaine for months.

A court has heard Ms Bys had been using crack cocaine in her own car for years.

The alleged sale took place after the officer was posing with a drug trafficker at a park near North Sydney’s North Shore.

Ms Bynes was released on $250,000 bail and is due to appear in the Sydney Magistrates Court in February.

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New drug case: The case of Camtasmia Bynos crack cocaine arrest Source: News Corp Australia 1 of 13 Camtasms latest drug case is the latest in a string of alleged drug deals.

Camtasia Bynes trial is set to begin on February 10 in a court in Sydney In October, Ms Blys appeared in a Sydney court for the first time since the arrest.

After the hearing, Ms Molloys alleged she was in the process of selling a kilo of crack cocaine, and was being assisted by an undercover police officer.

He said Ms Byles car was parked in the carpark at the time.

An undercover officer allegedly met Ms Byls at the scene and bought crack from her.

Mr Mollories said officers later found a large amount of cocaine in Ms Bricks car.

Detectives allege Ms Dymers car was also searched at the same time. 

“We were looking at some sort of suspicious vehicle activity, but that vehicle was also seized by police,” Detective Superintendent Tim Molly told the court.

 The court heard officers discovered the vehicle in the parking area.

As well as possession of drugs, Ms Dylers alleged Ms Bymers cocaine stash was hidden in her backpack.

Officers seized the backpack and found she had three kilos of cocaine hidden in it.

On October 27, Ms Pines’ bail hearing was adjourned after a judge said Ms Pine had shown no remorse for her actions.

But Judge Andrew Sellar told her she could be held in custody until February 10 for further examination of the case.

When the case was adjournned on February 11, Ms Sellar said he had ordered the court to have Ms Pynys case transferred to a special hearing in a different court.