How to crack the Win7 encryption on your mobile phone

You need a bit of luck and patience, because you’re going to need a lot of patience to crack Win7’s encryption on any device running iOS 8.1.

The problem is, the encryption is quite hard to crack because it is designed to be a one-way encryption protocol.

That means you can’t get past it, no matter how many apps you have installed on your phone.

The only way to get around this is to run an app called XProtect, which is an encrypted copy of the underlying Win7 app.

This will let you bypass the Win8 encryption.

Here’s how to crack it on your iPhone or iPad.

How to break Win7 on iOS 8: 1.

Start an app that can run in the background and scan your iPhone’s camera.

If you’re not already running an app, you can sign in to the iTunes App Store to do this.

The app will prompt you for your Apple ID and password, and the encryption will be turned on. 2.

Open the app.

If it asks for a passcode, choose “Apple”.

If you have a passphrase, choose it. 3.

Choose the “Add to Home Screen” button, and enter the passcode you entered earlier.


Tap on the “Secure Boot” button.


You should now see a screen like this: 6.

Tap “Add App” and enter an app name.

If your app is installed already, it should already appear.


Tap the “Start” button to begin the installation.


Tap and hold the “Reset” button for a few seconds.


You’ll be prompted to choose an Apple ID.

If prompted to enter an Apple password, enter the one you just entered.


Tap OK.

The installation should complete.

Tips: You can get around the Win9 encryption problem by installing a third-party app that runs in the foreground and scans your iPhone camera.


If the app you’re installing has been updated recently, the new version should be installed in the same location as the original app. 2