‘I think it’s a very stupid move’: New York Mayor’s tweet that he doesn’t have time to run for office

President Donald Trump has a message for the media: Your job is to keep your mouth shut.

He didn’t specify who, exactly, was being rude about him.

But Trump’s tweet Thursday evening, which is a direct shot at The New York Times and its Washington bureau chief, was widely criticized.

Trump, a self-proclaimed media critic, took a shot at a reporter who asked him about the president’s health status, saying, “I’m not doing well.

I have to get well.”

He also said that his aides were busy “working to get the hell out of Washington,” referring to the president, who has said that he has a “very bad back.”

Trump, who took a break from tweeting to attend to his daughter Ivanka’s birthday party, made no mention of the Times’ story, but he did make a comment about the paper’s coverage of him and his administration.

“As a business man, I think it was a very dumb move on the part of The New Yorker to try and put out that information,” Trump said.

“That is not the way I work, and I have been very good to them and I think that it’s very disrespectful of me to not be talking to them.”

“As far as The New American is concerned, I’m not going to talk to The New Englanders.”

The president, whose Twitter account has been flooded with hundreds of insults from critics over the past week, has been repeatedly critical of The Times’ coverage of his administration and has repeatedly dismissed The New America’s coverage as “fake news.”

Last week, he said that “I will have the most devastating economic shock of my life” if the Times were to publish the president and his advisers’ tax returns.

And he also said on Friday that “the only way to make it work is to not have the president of the United States talking to you.”

The New Yorker published Trump’s taxes in August, which revealed that he and his wife, Melania, paid $4.2 million in federal income taxes last year.

The Times has not published those returns.

The Times has defended the accuracy of its story by saying that it only published the tax returns for the past three years because the Trump administration has not provided the president with an official tax return since he took office in January.

The president’s lawyers have repeatedly denied that The Times is withholding information about the return.

The president also told the Times in a radio interview on Friday, “If I don’t run for president, I will have my worst financial crisis in living memory.”