Which NFL players are cracking down on crack cocaine?

The National Football League has announced that it will be cracking down against players who use the substance and is introducing a program called Crack Ice to target those who use it.

The NFL is not the first league to make crack ice available to players, but it is the first to give players the option of receiving it.

In 2016, the league also made crack ice-infused products available to those who had been suspended or had their contracts voided by a federal court, according to the Associated Press.

The league says the crack ice is “100 percent clean,” and that it is designed to help players stay clean.

“Players are going to have to think a lot about their health, their ability to play, and their ability in general,” NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said on a conference call with reporters on Wednesday.

“They’re going to be dealing with the consequences of their actions, and I think that will be very concerning to some of them.”

Players who use crack cocaine are subject to a ban from participating in the NFL and the NFLPA has also launched a campaign to promote the crack.

The campaign is currently focused on high school players and is aiming to reach out to players in college and high school as well.

“We have to make it clear that our players are not being penalized for being clean,” Smith said.

“And they are not going to feel bad about the fact that they have to take it.”