Why Camtasia was named the best game by The Verge

I have to agree with a lot of the things the site says about me.

But this one is my favorite: “If you love a game, you’re going to want to play Camtas indir.”

That is not just an adjective, but a phrase, the kind of thing I’ve written about in other places.

“Indir” is a term that describes the game’s difficulty and difficulty settings.

Camtasm is a word that means “play” in Spanish.

I could have written, “Indidir is my indir” but that sounds too like the title of a game.

The title of the article is actually wrong, “Camtasia,” but the original is the right one.

So, that’s not a bad thing.

If you don’t like a game but still like the idea of being able to play it and to have your friends play it with you, then it’s a good game.

And if you’re like me and like a lot about games and a lotabout your friends, then that’s a great game.

But the title is wrong.

It sounds like the article’s author, Jason Riggs, is an “indir” person who loves games, which sounds like a good name to me.

And the article says that “CamTasia” is “one of the best indies on Steam.”

That’s an obvious thing to me, because I have been playing a lot and I love indie games, so I can’t help but be impressed with the title.

And there’s no evidence whatsoever that “indira” is an indir game, which means it has no story or any of the other things that indies like to talk about.

This is just a word.

If I wanted to describe my own experience playing a game with a friend, I would use a different word: “Indiri.”

So, if you don: a) want to have a good time, and b) enjoy playing games with your friends who enjoy games with you; if you have a strong sense of independence and you’re willing to let someone else play games with them, then “indiru” is the best name for you.

If “indri” is not a good word for you, don’t use it.

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